Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Radiohead Jargonista comes clean.

Hello everybody.  My name is Andrew and I’ve been off air for 12 days now.

Things are different now.

I haven’t hit a post or crashed a vocal.  I haven’t cold rolled,  timed out, hot mixed or segued. 

I haven’t looked for a kicker.  I haven’t played anything off the wall or inserted into the log.  I haven’t touched an ad-lib, a phone-out or a liner. 

I haven’t thought about cume, TSL or share.  I haven’t worried about cold ends or fades or even worse a cold end with a fade.  

No NexGen, nor CRM.  No Powergold and definitely no Selector.  I’ve pulsed nothing; no macros to worry about and no network feeds at all. 

I haven’t worried about our lead, or our phoner and I haven’t said, “What’s our 8.10?”. I sure haven’t F8 Fade and Go’d.

But best of all.  I’VE USED NO JARGON!

I am a recovering Radiohead.

There almost has to be a Red Cross for rehabilitating Radioheads like me and so many others.

Little aid packages that arrive packed with promo pranks like branded slippers or Rubiks cubes with a Sky channel on each face.  

Some free albums you don’t want, but your brother in law will gladly receive and lots and lots of pens.  

Some tickets for Robin Gibb to give to your mum and a stress ball from the NZRU for when a beer bottle lands on you head at Eden Park.

A NZ Music Month T shirt for next summer’s house painting project.

And right at the bottom a memo saying that corridor cricket and smoking on the street is banned and the next time your car is found in a visitor’s car park you WILL receive a warning letter.

My name is Andrew and I am 12 days clean and everything is fine.

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  1. "Dead Air" is the toughest one to get over. That may take more time.

    A couple of $15 wire cages over the water sprinklers would have solved the corridor cricket issues. Maybe you could write in and suggest it?