Thursday, April 7, 2011

It’s time to put a line in the sand and save this country.

For some time I have been concerned about my home.

These Shaky Isles are the size of Great Britain with a population of Sydney at the end of the world.  No-one is farther from any market than us.

But we all expect to run a first world country in a massive country with a miniscule population.

And yet philosophically our majority believes in small government, low taxes and an open economy.

We can’t afford it.

I see New Zealand like my mum’s house.

She lives in a big house in Remuera.  But all she has is the pension.  A pauper in a gilded cage.

So we stand at a crossroads if we wish to keep our cage. 

Misguided “philanthropists” cost the country 1.7 billion dollars and yet his supporters fail to see his greater disservice to the country.

2 colossal Earthquakes take a city out and yet many in other cities think it’s business as usual. 

An insurance company fails and the government that asks less from it’s people borrows more to save it. 

We live during the most damaging financial slowdown in living history and a lifestyle built on debt. Debt based on the sands that are our houses and yet tax cuts are gratefully received.

It’s time to get real.

I believe in capitalism.  I believe in competition.  I believe in personal responsibility. I also believe in collective responsibility and community.

It is time to be personally responsible to save our capitalism, competition and lifestyle.  It’s also time to collectively band together to save our people and our weak.

It’s time for a real third way.  But all we have is the language of polar opposites.  So here’s a start.

If the government were to come to me today and ask for more of my income to see us through I would say, “Yes!”.

I would say yes if the government promises to shelve idealogy and house the homeless, fix the cities and clear the debt.

Deal to student debt, deal to regional debt, deal to national debt.  

And then having fixed our fundamental systematic mistakes over the past 30 years find a more realistic way of existing.

And the people have to take off their “Am I better off?” blinkers and ask themselves, “Are we better off?”.

Right now the Government and the People have to work together. The People have to take off the default “government hate” mode and the Government has to become something we can trust with our futures.

I have not heard anyone come up with a model that suits our unique circumstances in my entire adult life. 

All I’ve heard is hollow men chant shallow mantras from the left and the right.

I’ve been saying to all that listen that 2011 is the time for a real leader to come.  I just ain’t seeing one yet.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lawyers, Campervans and Wakas

Your talkback topic of the day.
The government t is giving an Auckland based hapu nearly 2 million dollars to build a plastic waka for the Rugby World Cup.
Not the best time to be giving governement money away when people are moving into a campervan village in Christchurch and being asked to pay 337 dollars a week for the privelege. 
By the way, the 150 camper vans have become a new suburb.  Campertown?  Christcamp? Or maybe Camperbury
Or should that money go to getting Pike River involved in it's own inquiry.
It may be uncharted territory but this is the company's responsibility.  It is their processes that are being investigated and so this cost is part of running a mining company.
The receivers have decided it's better to repay the shareholders than get to the bottom of the tragedy to make sure we never have 29 dead again.
Meanwhile Judge Pankhurst opened the inquiry with a minute's silence
He said his job is to find out what happened and why for the future
He also said no-one is on trial, there are no sides and no-one will win or lose at the end of the process.
But looking at the room and thinking about the receivers decision you know there will be a winner.
The lawyers.